From May 15th 2012 Stakeholders Meeting:

Break-out Exercise Pete Hangen facilitated an exercise, broken into five (5) categories, for committee members to identify elements that are benefits (PLUS) and elements that need to be improved (DELTA). Once identified, participants were provided markers (green dots= most important and yellow dots =move cautiously/pose challenges) to rank the pluses and deltas. Listed below are the items and the rankings.

Carry in/carry out trash
24/7 use for “members” (“member” = stakeholder who is educated and committed to the site)
No pets (w/o leash)
No motorized vehicles
Trail system – Berms! Retraining trail system
Great excitement for site open to public and preservation
Rules subject to review
Restoration Opportunity for public to learn about and better appreciate values of wetlands
Educational opportunity for school groups (youth/high school/college)

Needs strong education and polical will
Changing custom – motor vehicle restriction
“Trails” were created by unauthorized access and will cause loss of wetlands
Crime Prevention
24/7 Access
Allow access part dusk for fishing
How to accommodate fishermen/women?
“Love it to Death?” – Public and decision makers need to understand and value natural areas
Develop residents sense of ownership
Possible seasonal closing for habitat/wildlife protection

4 responses to “BEHAVIOR

  1. It seems it is going to be challenging to ensure there is good dog behavior on PHP. “Dog behavior” = responsible owners not allowing dogs to run free, poop everywhere, pack out 100% of poop etc. So idea is to inclue a dog park maintained by dog owners.

  2. If someone brings their dog into the park, they should have a doggie bag, or else they had no intention of cleaning up after their dog. This happens too many times. Bag it, cork it, or ticket the owner!

  3. Agreed Dave! I was just starting the conversation to acknowledge publicly dogs most likely will not have the same access they do now. Therefore – I think it would be beneficial for PHP & educational to have a small dedicated dog park there.

  4. OPCL, according to the last Board Meeting and General meeting, plans to install one or two of the “Scoop the Poop” bag dispensers in the PHP area…location TBD. The question is yet to be determined as to trash removal. Will it be “Pack in/Pack out” as it is at First Landing, or will there be strategically placed receptacles? We will need volunteers to keep the dispensers stocked as they are at OP beach accesses.

    Is anyone besides me having a hard time scolling to the top of this discussion window?


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