From May 15th 2012 Stakeholders Meeting:

Break-out Exercise Pete Hangen facilitated an exercise, broken into five (5) categories, for committee members to identify elements that are benefits (PLUS) and elements that need to be improved (DELTA). Once identified, participants were provided markers (green dots= most important and yellow dots =move cautiously/pose challenges) to rank the pluses and deltas. Listed below are the items and the rankings.

Public Access
Connection with Shore Drive
Multi-Use Trail
No bikers on property
Trail access from Shore Drive and Marlin Bay
Amazing variety of habitats: open water, marsh, maritime forest, uplands
Public awareness program to educate

Road alignment doesn’t give access to McLeskey property
Removal of berms that would cause wetland drowning with sea level rise
Opening the berm will allow wetland migration
Lack of parking/handicap access could be a problem Fire and rescue access
HRT bus stop
Bike racks
Be sensitive to restoring wetlands and wildlife habitat


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