From May 15th 2012 Stakeholders Meeting:

Break-out Exercise Pete Hangen facilitated an exercise, broken into five (5) categories, for committee members to identify elements that are benefits (PLUS) and elements that need to be improved (DELTA). Once identified, participants were provided markers (green dots= most important and yellow dots =move cautiously/pose challenges) to rank the pluses and deltas. Listed below are the items and the rankings.

Parking on Marlin Bay Drive and Pump Station
Existing soft trails
Identifiable site from shore Drive
Realign Marlin Bay Drive intersection @ Southern intersection

Natural signage guiding usage and restrictions
Effect of street parking on Ocean Park neighborhood
Question to be resolved – # of access points on property
No road access, currently, to CBF site
Access to beach fishing spot
ADA access/Beach access LBR
Marlin Bay remain paper street or abandoned on City maps
Existing trail system can be drastically improved
Berm removal
Land acces is sensitive to wildlife habitat
Parallel parking on Marlin Bay will force slower speeds

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