From May 15th 2012 Stakeholders Meeting:

Break-out Exercise Pete Hangen facilitated an exercise, broken into five (5) categories, for committee members to identify elements that are benefits (PLUS) and elements that need to be improved (DELTA). Once identified, participants were provided markers (green dots= most important and yellow dots =move cautiously/pose challenges) to rank the pluses and deltas. Listed below are the items and the rankings.

Limited access
Non-motorized fish and crabbing, maintain beach and natural access
Current perimeter trail offers numerous water vistas
LBR(Lynnhaven Boat Ramp) location is an asset that complements site/don’t need to duplicate opportunities at PHP
Marsh-Goodridge Island

Crew Team Launch
ADA access
Pleasure House Creek water depths at low tide restrict use
Great (and growing) need for kayak water access
Current location of CBF pier bisects the marsh
Access impeded by operations relative to dredging (equipment, storage, ops, etc)
Integration of LBR into PHP concerns
Don’t damage area by provided excessive access
Be sensitive to wetlands, wildlife with design
Emergency vehicle access direct to the boat launch

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