The processes and work done on PHP must be…


The more passionate people involved to help preserve, restore and create innovative & magnificent programs & solutions at PHP, the better. Experts’ opinions on various disciplines should also be enthusiastically encouraged and embraced. “Think” open source. “Think” radical transparency.


Solutions to various challenges on PHP should be both inspiring & innovative. Utilizing only existing engineering & scientific best practices is missing an enormous opportunity. PHP management, design & operation should push the envelope on current technologies and enthusiastically embrace being a leader in pursuing new, innovative and inspiring science & engineering.


Above all, PHP must be magnificent. When passionate people shoot for the impossible, the impossible is achieved. Failure is in fact an option and should be encouraged. Failing coupled with pursuing magnificent results will inspire others to shoot for the impossible.

To get started, we should first learn what we have, so in the future, success can be measured. Success will be a moving, challenging target.

As it should be.

By everyone working toward transparency, innovation & magnificence, PHP will inspire known and unknown educational & business opportunities for generations to come.


2 responses to “The processes and work done on PHP must be…

  1. There are some major issues yet to be resolved by our soon coming (resident’s) Master Plan. We await further discussion on; need for two wind generators to support power requirement or solely photo-galvanic or new technology roof power generators; berms or no berms; Restoration effort or Mitigation effort; parking plan; type of road surface used; and finally, how all the inputs from the Stakeholders discussions will be incorporated into the Master Plan. How will the final Master Plan be reviewed, changes incorporated, and how will it be finally approved? The Stakeholders have made much progress, but more remains to be done by many people. We are all excited and await the final project completion.


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